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Welcome to SpookySwap

SpookySwap is an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) for the Fantom Opera network. Different from other DEXs, we're invested in building a strong foundation with our BOO token as a governance token, diverse farms, a built in bridge, built in limit orders and user-centered service. As of its launch in April 2021, Spooky has:
  • Earned endorsement and support from Fantom Foundation​
  • Passed nearly 50 proposals with the community with BOO as the governance token
  • Held airdrop event with Alchemix, Alpha Finance Labs​
  • Maintained the lowest swap fee of 0.2% (0.22% for limit orders), and most diverse farms on the Fantom network
  • Been fully audited by Certik​
  • Made a bridge for Fantom crossing to and from Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and more!
  • Been listed on CEXs such as Huobi, Gate and more!
  • Supports Coinbase Wallet and many others!
  • Became the top TVL holder for native Fantom protocols
View our full roadmap here​
Swap Tokens | Supply Liquidity | Farm All at fractions of a cent per transaction, with Fantom fast speed. Stay Spooky. Enlisted on: Coingecko CoinMarketCap Coinbase TradingView Zapper.fi CoinStats ​CoinCost CryptoPro imToken Defi Llama DappRadar

Join our community for the latest updates and vote for the future of BOO!

To start using SpookySwap, you will need

  1. 1.
    A MetaMask wallet, learn how to set one up here​
  2. 2.
    If you're not already on the Fantom network and need to bridge from Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, please follow this guide here
Need help? Join our discord discord.gg/AqbsWsWDgn​




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