Priority List - Roadmap

The roadmap lays out the planned features for Spooky. These are all subject to change based on community feedback and governance discussions. Instead of fixed deadlines, there is now a list of priorities in order of priority, which allows us to more flexibly adapt to market trends without committing to a fixed schedule. While it is a priority list many are worked on in parallel so it doesn't necessarily indicate release order.

Items in the Exploring category are on the backburner or merely in the research or ideation phase. ⭐️ = Bonuses & Accomplishments





⭐️ Received guidance and grant from Fantom Foundation, and used it for auditing ⭐️ Continuously one of the Top 15 DEXs by Trading Volume list on Coingecko ⭐️ First to implement native Limit Orders on Fantom ⭐️ First to implement native Bridge on Fantom ⭐️ Awarded for Best DApp and Best UX at the Fantom Developer Conference 2021 ⭐️ Genesis NFT series of 5000 Magicats were sold out in 5 minutes ⭐️ Airdrop event with Alchemix ⭐️ Official WOOFY sponsored farm ⭐️ Partnership with Popsicle ⭐️ Vaults opened on Beefy and other protocols ⭐️ Enlisted on Coingecko, Zapper, CoinMarketCap, TradingView, CoinStats, imToken, and Defi Llama etc. ⭐️ Minted official NFTs on ZOO ⭐️ Been listed on CEX, Hotbit, ⭐️ Became first on Fantom to support Coinbase Wallet ⭐️ Became the top TVL holder for native Fantom protocols

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