Single Stake Pools

Single-stake pools is where only one type of token is needed to stake. No LP token-making is required, but the concept is similar to making a liquidity token (LP), and staking that LP in a farm to earn other tokens.

By staking BOO, you immediately receive xBOO tokens as proof, which you can stake in partner pools to earn other tokens.

In short, the cycle looks like this: Buy/Farm BOOs -> Stake BOO in xBOO/buyback pool, receive xBOO as receipt -> Stake xBOO in pools to earn other protocols' token -> Provide LP in the partner protocol's farm to earn more BOOs -> Repeat

BuyBack BOO Single Stake Pools

You can stake your BOOs to earn more BOOs. When you do so, you will receive a buyback BOO token, xBOO, to represent your share in the pool. xBOO operates similarly to xSUSHI and earns a percentage of trade fees to buy back BOO. Your balance of xBOO won't changed, but the ratio of xBOO to BOO will infinitely grow over time as it buys more BOO. More details:


With the xBOO you, you can stake to earn other tokens in the pool list. The xBOO tokens that you've staked will continue to participate in the Buyback Pool and earn BOOs. When you stake your BOOs into xBOO and then into a pool listed, you are earning a sum of the APRs!

Single Stake Farm FAQ

Will there be any fees for staking/depositing? No, staking here is completely fee-free.

What happens when the partner staking pool is closed? When the pool is closed: 1. Your xBOO will be in the Buyback BOO pool, still earning BOO, but not the other partner token 2. The pool will be moved into the "Inactive" pool page, where you can unstake your xBOO 3. The Buyback BOO pool will not close, and will continuously earn BOO... forever

What happens when the IFO pool is closed? When the IFO pool is closed: 1. Your staked BOO will be in the pool, but will not be earning additional BOOs 2. The pool will be in the same place, and will not be in the "inactive" tab You can continue to earn by moving your BOOs in the Buyback pool to convert to xBOOs, and staking the xBOO in the partner pools for more rewards!

Is there a timelock or fees for unstaking? There won't be any timelocks or fees for unstaking or depositing. You can withdraw your BOOs any time.

Were BOOs vampire cat souls that needed to be staked? At this point, it's a mystery that Grim is trying to solve. But staked BOOs attract more friends.

IFO (Initial Farm Offering) Single Stake Pool (INACTIVE)

This pool is deprecated!

Initially, SpookySwap will feature the BOO single-stake pool (IFO) where more BOO can be earned by staking BOO. The supply of this BOO will be 4% of the Total Max Supply of BOOs (546,640 BOOs), rewarded to farmers across 13 weeks. Please refer to the Stake BOO page for the end time of this farm. After this time, your funds will still be in the pool but no longer earning more BOO. You can unstake your BOOs at the same location after the deadline.

You can learn how to get BOOs by going to the Product - Exchange section.

More single-stake farms with other tokens as farm rewards may become available in the future in V2. More details for V2 can be found on the roadmap.

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