Migrating Liquidity from SpookySwap v2 to v3

Migrate your LP from Spooky v2 to v3 for concentrated liquidity benefits and more

Most v2 liquidity pools can be migrated to v3

Migrating from v2 to v3 will allow liquidity providers (LP) to concentrate their liquidity into a tighter price range.

Liquidity and fees earned first need to be removed when migrating. The liquidity provided and fees collected are then migrated to the v3 pool that is created.

Spooky v3 currently does not support Fee-on-Transfer, Rebase, or Reflection tokens. When migrating v2 positions to v3, please confirm that SpookySwap v3 supports the token.

To migrate your liquidity from v2 to v3:

  1. Open the Spooky v3 dApp and select the Liquidity page.

  1. Select "More" at the top of your list of V3 liquidity positions.

  1. Select "Migrate" from the drop down menu.

  1. Select "Manage" next to the LP position that you wish to migrate.

  1. Select "Migrate". If you can't see your v2 LP, you are also able to import it from the link below the Migrate button.

  1. Select the fee tier for your migrating pool. Lower fees are ideal for stablecoin pairs, while a higher fee is best for new tokens or tokens with a volatile price. Spooky recommends a 0.3% fee for most pairs. For more information on v3 fees, check the Spooky article on concentrated liquidity.

  1. Select the price range for your liquidity position. To learn more about price ranges, price rounding, and concentrated liquidity check the Spooky article on concentrated liquidity.

Additionally, for a v2 experience with LP earning fees on the full range without having to monitor or adjust price ranges, investors can select the "Full Range" option.

  1. After reviewing your LP migration, select "Allow LP token migration". Your wallet will then request an approval transaction for the tokens that will be migrated by Spooky.

  1. Select "Migrate" once token approval transactions have been approved. A new transaction will need to be confirmed in your wallet to finalize the migration.

  1. Check for the toast notification to confirm that the liquidity migration has been completed. After migrating, you can view and manage all v3 liquidity positions from the Spooky v3 Liquidity page.

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