What are Magicats?

Magicats is the Genesis limited series of generated non-fungible-tokens(NFTs) from SpookySwap's lead artist. Magicats are a set of 5000 NFTs utilizing over 125 unique art assets. Additionally, each NFT has a unique name generated to complement the lore around Grim's world.

1 of 1 NFTs will have totally unique assets that are not shared with other cats. Such as the astronaut cat:

Who is your inner Magicat? Check the possibilities here.

Magicats' Magic

Genesis Generated NFT Series

This series will is the first generated NFT set on market, officially from SpookySwap, featuring the artist's unique style.

Royalties going to buyback BOO

The Royalty Fee for selling Magicats is 5%, of which 2.5% goes to the DAO and 2.5% to buying back BOO.

Magicats contribute to the Spooky economy by earning royalties that go into buying back BOO. As the community has voted, 50% of royalties from every Magicat's sales on the market will go to buyback BOO (xBOO). Read more about what's buyback BOO here:


Magicat Staking

Magicats can be staked on the stake BOO page to earn partner rewards! 10% of rewards in the staking pools go to staked Magicats, the rarer the Magicat, the higher your weight in the pool. Rarity of cats can be found at


This NFT series will also be a rare generated NFT series on Fantom that has a provenance record to prove that the set was not tampered with by creators. It can be found here:

Magicats FAQs

Where can I mint a Magicat? Minting has passed!

How many Magicats are there in this limited series? There are 5000 cats available, all different from each other. Thirteen(13) of the 5000 are entirely unique.

Where will the market to buy/sell a cat be? Magicats will appear on market mainly on PaintSwap's NFT marketplace.

Who is the artist behind all this magic? The artist behind all the art is Shrimpy, SpookySwap's lead artist who'd done the other art assets for the website! You can find them in our Discord.

What is the royalty fee for selling Magicats? The Royalty Fee for selling Magicats is 5%, of which 2.5% goes to the DAOand 2.5% to buying back BOO for xBOO.

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