Power of BOOs

What can you do with the BOO token? SpookySwap uses BOO as a decision-maker in governance votes, you can stake your BOO for the buyback token, xBOO, plus using BOO as collateral on other protocols!

For Governance

When it comes to important decisions, BOO takes the stage as the community's power to influence proposals on Snapshot. All farm-related decisions like emission changes, which new protocol we partner with, which farms should be inactive, are made through community vote.

See current proposals You may also access the page by going to SpookySwap -> Vote near the menu

The weight of 1 BOO is different depending on what form your BOO is in: - 1 BOO in single stake or resting in your wallet = 3 vote points - 1 BOO in liquidity pairs = 5 vote points

Anyone can make their own proposal as well on Snapshot. Please see the voting page for more details.

For Buyback and Partner Pool Staking

You can stake your BOOs in the buyback BOO (xBOO) pool to automatically earn more BOOs, and other protocols' tokens! In short, the cycle looks like this: Buy/Farm BOOs -> Stake BOO in xBOO pool, receive xBOO as receipt -> Stake xBOO to earn other protocols' token -> Provide LP in the partner protocol's farm to earn more BOOs -> Repeat How? A portion of all trade fees made on SpookySwap goes to buy BOO, then the bought BOO is distributed among those who have staked their BOOs in the single stake pool. The proof/receipt of your staking your BOO is called xBOO. You can further stake your xBOO and stake it in partner pools to earn partner tokens. More details:


For Using as Collateral

You may find other uses for BOOs on other protocols as well! We'll leave it up to them to detail in what you could do with BOOs!

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